Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1 month

One Month Old Ben -

Loves being swaddled (most of the time)
Loves when I sing and say "shhh" in his ear
Gags on the pacifier (which is fine since I nurse and would rather comfort him that way, Ive only tried it at 3am when I am desperate. lol)
Sleeps a lot
Eats like a Champion.
Has great lungs
Doesn't cry long
Likes to be put flat on the ground when he is awake and happy
Falls asleep in Mikes arms in minutes
Is THE best snuggler (equal to his brother)
Let's me wear him in my baby wrap carriers sometimes. Which I love. Sleeping baby on my body. Calms anyone down. I don't get to hold him much when he is asleep, but I love when he falls asleep and snuggles close in my wraps
Everything about him is cute

He makes me want another baby......Shhhhhh....DO NOT tell Mike!! hehe.