Monday, February 11, 2013

Out and About

Practice makes perfect right? That is how I feel about getting out of the house with two kids. One being only a month old and nursing a lot. But even if things go a little messy, it is still so worth it to me to get out and practice. We had lots of fun today at playgroup and thanks to my awesome new double stroller, it made life even easier. And even though I have a toddler trying to climb on my lap for hugs while my baby is eating, and sometimes that toddler likes to bolt for the men's bathroom while I'm nursing, or I notice he runs into a table when I am nursing, we make it. And even when Ben cries in public and Matthew needs a diaper change at the same time, we make it. And we figure it out. And getting out when I don't really have my coordination of two kids down quite yet is really working on my "getting over myself" plan I have. I used to and still do get embarrassed when I don't look like I have it together. But challenging myself when I am out and about to just let it go and let people stare is just the thing I need to get over myself and just let my kids be kids, and let us go out and have fun even if we have a moment or two. It is so worth it and good to look back on and laugh. So I guess I will keep practicing getting around because it is worth the fun (and matthew and I go bonkers and stir crazy SO fast), even though it probably won't ever look perfect.

My kids are precious. Did I ever mention that? And my little boys fell asleep for their naps at the same time again today and the quiet is ever so precious, just as precious as those first little morning shouts. Speaking of mornings, if Matthew gets up before Ben in the morning, I bring him to my bed, keep the lights off and shut the door and I go back to sleep. He just lays there forever or sits in silence and lets me sleep while he cuddles up.  And then about 30 minutes later I feel little toddler kisses on my face and lots of babbling and then I hear "EAT".  It is soooo nice of him and sweet and he has done it a lot.  Happy Monday!!!!!!!

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