Sunday, February 17, 2013


Today I didn't go to Ohio with the kids like I planned because Matthew has snot everywhere. Better to keep it in our own house huh? But it has been such a relaxing Sunday. Ben is taking the Sunday nap thing seriously, because he has only woken up to eat and stretch his legs  only to go nap again and the only frustrating part of my day is when Matthew decided to restructure my perfectly thought out lego castle. And I feel pretty successful because I figured out I  can put a baby to sleep while I exercise my legs with exercise band. Score. Multitasking is at a whole new level around here.

Also, I decided that God honestly made coffee for parents with little ones. It's no joke. Procrastinating college students think it was made for them, but there is no choice with these crazy short people in my house disturbing my REM sleep. It is not a matter of taste or addiction around here. Coffee is a matter of good parenting, and I think God new it made for better parenting with little ones. Seriously!!! By 10am if I forgot my coffee it feels like a ton of bricks are sitting on top of my eyeballs, and coffee solves most of the problem. I mean, in 15 minutes i can go from falling asleep while reading Pooh books to doing leg lifts while building towers. It is amazing.

Well, happy Sunday everyone. Hope you enjoy your naps and coffee!

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