Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Truth

Yesterday at bible study I was really really challenged to change. Beth Moore spoke a ton on taking God seriously, and she gave a few examples of how we can just brush off what he says. But he is very serious when he says it. She also talked about having a critical spirit is so dangerous. "once you become cynical about the body of Christ you have moved to the other side and it is a dangerous place."

James 4:11 says how we should not speak against a fellow believer.

Beth Moore went on to say that her daughter brought up the appalling truth about how believers are using places like twitter and facebook to "call out" fellow believers. And I was so challenged about how this is so not biblical. How there are rare cases we need to even be debating one another. And if it is that needed, we need to confront another believer, it must be done one on one, and then if not dealt with, it must be brought to leadership. But how easy it is to make our Christian community look like a bunch of fools by just bashing each others thoughts and opinions out in the public Internet. I pray for Grace as I have done this before. I am called to uplift my brothers and sisters and if confrontation needs to happen, it must be done in private. The the group or the person. May Grace fill the Christian community. I hope to be that. And I hope to take God seriously. We all have minor theological differences and we all do ministry different and we all have different gifting, but we are ONE. ONE. I love my Christian family and I pray for an increase in encouragement and unity instead of "calling out" in the public Internet. God is so good.

And this is not a calling out blog. It is just something I am needing to change for myself, for sure.

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