Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Well, I just finished the Beth Moore bible study on the book of James. We studied the book and the life of James very in depth. We looked at the context of the day, the origin and root of words, historical documents, how it connected to other parts of scripture. This helped tremendously in searching for truth. I have left this series hardly able to breath. It has dramatically changed my life and I am beyond myself in the heart twisting effect it has had on me. I am just in awe and still in shock with the truth of the bible that I did not know. I always believed in God, often with pure trust that what he says is true. But once you really become a student of the word and dive in the scriptures there is no doubt that these words could not be written without the inspiration of a living God. NO WAY. I have no words. I am just humbled and itching for more. I love you Jesus. Thank you, for what you have done.

Some of my favorite things that she said tonight. Some exact quotes, some paraphrased.

- Make yourself vulnerable to the Word of God. He will always lift you up, and never tear you down.

- You will never have it all together. And if you do have it all together...have children. Then you will never have it together again, for the rest of your life. NEVER. NEVER- (haha, i just thought that was cute. and true)

- Stop looking for the perfect church, you won't find it. And if you do find a perfect church, the second you walk in, you'll wreck it. (again. haha. soooo true)

- Cover people in love, so they do not feel ashamed around you

- immunity from community means no ministry

- Just when you think something is dead and over, Jesus resurrects it from the grave.

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