Sunday, April 22, 2012

Something Special

I would die for this child. A nephew and a niece are part of you except you can send them home at night. However, we are planning on this little man having a sleepover with us in the next few weeks. I love him like woah! He's a bit of a goof and my buddy. And he is so kind to my son. Quite the little man of God.

And he got to see his little man of God of a brother get baptized today. I'm not too hot on the infant baptism thing because I think God knows our motives and he can work like crazy outside of our minds trying to figure it all out. As my dad said, "I think I will never grasp baptism. It is just too big." He can work in any age. He is just that BIG. And even though we haven't decided what we are doing yet with Matthew, I can tell you, this baptism for a little 6 week old was POWERFUL. Oh was it powerful!

Speaking of God working outside our minds. I love how he talks about that the kingdom of God is in children. I fully believe Matthew knows things about Jesus that I don't. Outside of our complete understanding he can work in these kids. Today my mom told Matthew how much Jesus loved him. Plain as day, Matthew said, "Jesus is daddy." My mom as witness. He said it three times. My ONE year old. He then folded his hands like he was praying. Which is funny because we don't have a fold your hands and bow your heads prayer routine in our home. But he can worship however he chooses. It almost brought Mike to joyful tears. I love our God, that he would show himself to my little son.

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