Wednesday, April 25, 2012

8.5 Inches

All four of us sisters have been back together this week. Even though we live apart, the best part is seeing how much closer we are then the years that we would fall asleep cuddled on the couch or fight over clothes.
The other big thing, I give major props to our husbands.  Like most families, there is always a bit of a filter when you are around other people, just for respect. But when my sisters and/or parents are together or with maybe a very intimate friend, there is no filter and it gets a bit wild. So as our husbands get to be in the "in", it is funny to hear them say to each other, "she does that too?", or be in complete awkward shock with the amount of openness four close sisters can really have. They really have bonded together, walked into the role of being our husbands and stick it out. It's nice to have other people that you feel a bit ok around when you laugh so hard you don't make it to the bathroom on time. It has been great.

Oh and p.s. Last night Emily and I were doing a few minor beauty surgeries on each other when we found the exact same mark on our body. We measured, and it is exactly 8.5 inches down from the inside of our left elbow. How cool is that, right?

And a few of my favorite moments this week.

* Nicole and Matthews dance party in the mall (where all the kiddos got new Converse from their Uncle Jon and Aunt Emily)

* Emily's determination to spend every second she can being wild and cuddly with our kiddos.

* Zechariah (3), telling me "my underwear is deep, in my butt" (aka, he had a wedgie.)

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  1. sisters are the best. so thankful for mine :) and happy you got to be with yours.