Friday, April 20, 2012


My sisters and I had a million interests growing up. I played pick up tackle football, soccer, roller hockey, and liked to climb trees. But in the middle of that, we were the most old fashioned little girls you'd ever meet. We always wanted to bake our own bread, wear prairie dresses, live in the attic without electricity, write stories, build our own little home forts outside, and mix everything by hand. We even tried to get our parents to let us live without electricity for a week so we could walk around in nightgowns with candles just like on "Little House on the Prairie."

Well, yesterday, the originals were all together. My parents and all four sisters. Best day ever by the way. We played lots of sports, now at the level of a 3 year old, and really just had some great quality time with our kids.

Well we all walked to the park yesterday and this is what we talked about.

NICOLE: "You guys should have raised us Amish. We would have loved it. Making our own bread, carriage rides with horses, dresses, no electricity."


EMILY: " I mean, really, you guys! We would have been the perfect Amish family. Dad working the fields, mom sewing and baking bread with the four little girls.

MOM: "No way you guys. I COULD NOT live without my makeup."

           HAHA. I love my family.

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