Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Best Day

Matthew and I had one of the best days as mom and son.
The past few weeks I have been so obsessive about cleaning and keeping things organized that I try to fit in floor time with him; instead of fitting in cleaning. He is constantly holding books up to me, or a toy, or throwing the ball at me while I'm picking up. Ill go sit with him for a few and when he seems content Ill stand up to go finish what I am doing while I hear little cries in the background. Since he started throwing little tantrums yesterday I stopped in my cleaning tracks and decided he has had enough of my crap. I cleaned everything last night so I would have no excuse, and I dedicated this day to Matthew only. I put away half of his toys and made no plans with anyone. And wow, was today a 180. I was in shock. After breakfast I played with him the entire morning. I did not stop playing with him but to go to the bathroom or when he seemed to want to play alone. He kissed me more today than normal and he laughed so much. We both got the patience to practice communicating with each other. Since he got more focused quality time with me he sat so still while I thought him more sign language and he used sign language with me more today than ever before. It was like he knew I was actually here to listen. He told me stories, and he worked diligently at figuring out a fairly complicated toy for his age, and he had the patience to figure it out. He even pulled my weeds growing on the side of the house. No joke! All his idea too. And when I sat for more than 5 minutes to read him books, he would actually look up at me and smile and give me a kiss. like, "hey mom, I appreciate this."  And when he did decide to play alone, he was so content and calm and happy to be playing by himself.

All this to say, it was such a relaxing day. We really worked well together and I he was so happy. Just so happy. And there was not any more cleaning at the end of the day as usual. I think this should be more the norm.

I love my Matthew so much it hurts! (In a good way)

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