Sunday, June 5, 2011

what made me laugh

when michael were out the other day we stopped to get some ice cream in the really hot weather. it was soooo hot our kiddie cones were melting as fast as we were eating them. well. there was a mom outside with her two kids and basically what was going on was that the mom was standing there going back between two ice cream cones, trying to eat the melting ice cream as fast as she could while both were running down her hands. we over heard the kiddos telling her they didn't want the ice cream anymore. oh dear. it was so funny tho.

and today.
such a stressful day with matthew. he prolly only slept like and hour in naps, maybe, and was so over tired that nursing didnt even comfort him, and nursing ALWAYS works. ALWAYS. well tonight he finally hit his second wind and was all of a sudden in a good mood once i bounced him outside for a bit. i decided i really needed something to release my stress before trying to get him to bed. i really wanted a bath to relax. so what he heck. i threw on my bathing suit, and instead of awkwardly leaning over the tub to wash matthew, we took a really really really, playful and relaxing bath together. oh i sure needed it. and he LOVED it way more with me being in there for some reason. it really worked to relax us both and just start fresh. well. the funny part. HA. matthew decided to do something that he has never done in the bath tub before. i mean, it had to happen the very first time i decided to take a bath with him. thats right people. he pooped, basically within 30 seconds of us getting in. nice. after a little clean up, it was enjoyable. i really couldnt help but laugh. sorry if you didnt want to hear this, but its funny, and this is for me to read back on one day. oh. being a mom.

this is what we wish upon matthew for much of the day tomorrow

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