Tuesday, June 21, 2011

im just gonna be the mom thats me

i looked at so many parenting types. attachment, cry it out, sling wearing, paci loving, bed sleeping. breast feeding, crib sleeping, paci hating, formula feeding, nature playing, germ catching etc, etc.

and as i tried to fit one mold. i dont. and that's impossible. since when do i try to fit the mold? since when should any mom?

i have learned that im a sling loving, sleep in your crib at home, don't always need to wash your hands to hold him, breastfeeding, only paci to help fall asleep, he can cry 5 minutes in the crib, flexible but routine loving, infant massage giving, welcome a half a day away, baby yoga searching, type of mama. at least for now, at least for this kid. and it was probably different a few weeks ago and some of it might change tomorrow.

mamas. be empowered to be your own mom style. read the books than write your own book in your heart and put it into practice. be the mom YOU were made to be. AHH! I feel better now. It only took 12 weeks.

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