Thursday, June 23, 2011


so my family and I are so close. SO CLOSE. I talk to my sisters all the time. angela, its easy cuz i live with her. emily and i play phone tag all the time because of a time change between us. but somehow we catch each other. nicole and I sometimes can talk up to 3 times a day. my parents are some of my best friends. and we all feel the same about each other. we always forgive and forget. its so nice to be in a family you can hurt each others feelings and forget about it the same minute its talked about. we correct each other and learn from each other. we are not just surface talkers. we go deep. we make sure we are all ok. we call each other crying and laughing. we are very very honest with each other, even when its not the popular thing to say. its seriously the best thing i have ever been part of; my family. our relationships have never been defined by how nice we are to each other when things are going well. but more how close we come together when things are tough. im telling you people. its one of the biggest blessing in my life. my family. i could write on and on and on about how i feel about them. but matthew just went back to sleep and so shall I.

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