Friday, June 3, 2011

just being very honest part one

you can hardly see straight after a day with a sick baby that wont nap long or go to bed and still isn't sleeping. i cant imagine how matthew feels.

"its amazing how an 8 pound person can completely take out a grown adult" -my dad-

 give me a full time job during college finals again and im pretty sure that sounds like a vacation. hey. i love my baby, but im just being very honest. id much rather be with him but im just trying to stay positive and sane over here. its gotta be harder on him. not knowing why he feels the way he does.

oh and no joke. he has probably been eating 8 out of the last 12 hrs. thats just crazy.

i have yet to write the very honest mommy blog but i think it took a sick child to get the deep feelings of a mom to surface. maybe the part two will be soon if he ever sleeps poor guy.

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