Friday, June 17, 2011

laundry lessons

it was just a blah day today. wasnt the best mom and didnt feel like the best wife. i didnt get much sleep and matthew was kinda cranky today. one of those days i felt like a failure even tho its all lies in my head. and now i realized that earlier in the day i threw ALL our clothes on the bed to organize this evening when he went to sleep. i regret the decision, as all i want to do is go to bed.

then i was shocked at all the clothes on our bed. the clothes that just the two of us own. and immediatley God reminded me of how he tells us in scripture to do everything without complaining.

all of a sudden i saw that pile of clothes, the task of folding them, as a blessing. seriously. how many times do we turn our luxuries into an excuse to complain. i have to fold the clothes. gosh. be thankful to have more than one outfit to fold. i have to clean the house. gosh. be thankful to have a roof over my head to clean. i have to spend $4 on gas. gosh. be thankful i have a car to put the gas in. my computer is being slow. gosh. be thankful to even have one. i have to make dinner. gosh. be thankful to even have more than rice in my kitchen.

seriously. get over myself. 


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