Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Watching His Childhood

I want to observe Matthews days, and think to myself, "would this be a childhood that he would grow up positively talking about later in life?"  My husband and I both liked being kids, and I am ever so thankful for the home life I grew up in. My childhood sometimes is just as familiar to me as yesterday. I can still smell and remember feelings from my childhood. I could write a book series on memories I have. I loved everything about being with my family. We are all very content with where we are in life now, but we often talk about how much we miss the days of being together as the Bickel clan because it was so wonderful. I don't want to go back, however some days I miss studying on the counter with hot chocolate with my entire family in one room, talking, hysterically laughing, fighting over clothes, talking deep, exercising, eating, loving, playing music, playing games together, creating, reading, with so many friends constantly in and out. It all happened together. And I pray this for my children too; that life in the Murphy home would be a place to create a positive childhood.

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  1. He'll have it, D. You guys are incredible parents!