Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Next Thing

You were all right. All of you who told me that with a baby, you think you figured it out, and then the next thing happens and they go and change on you again. I just cannot believe how quickly those things happen. Mostly true since he turned 6 months. But my goodness. I remember my mother-in-law saying, "you will think you have the perfect schedule, and then they start teething, or something else." Last week I would have told you I wanted 6 children. Matthew was sleeping almost 13 hours at night. He would coo and sing himself to sleep in his crib for both his naps. I could predict what times he was ready to go down and he would nap LONG. It was 5 days of pure bliss. Then, Saturday, something happened. I don't really know what it was. But it has progressively turned into hysterical screaming at nap time even if I hold him, if i put him down in his crib, he pulls himself to the rails and shakes them back and forth while screaming. I don't know, but I see those little white spots breaking through the top of his upper gum, and he has also learned how to get himself on his knees and just seems so restless during nap time. I just figure that I should remain happy happy mom today and hope it rubs off on the little guy. But, it has been a great few days with my sister. We had a fail attempt at some cookies, but it was great to catch up. Have a good rest of the week!

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