Monday, December 5, 2011

Crawling For The Winter

Matthew decided to start crawling today. He even attempted to go up a step. Apparently he was pretty motivated. I didn't see any signs of him getting past the little belly scoot, but out of nowhere, he popped up on his hands and knees and off he went. It got a ton faster as the day went on too. One moment he is sitting on the floor in his room while I put his clothes away and the next I look over and he is off to the living room. It has begun, and we cannot go back now. =) I love it.
Also, because of the energy he is burning, he doesn't stop eating. That is not an exaggeration. He only stops if we take him out of the highchair to give him a break to do other things. 

But Christmas time is coming, and Matthew is not interested or impressed with anyones tree or decorations, including ours. Which may be a good thing with the crawling.

And here are a few of my first Winter thoughts as I was driving home tonight in the snow.

* I DO NOT miss having to get in the car in the morning for work in the winter. Perks of a stay at home mom.

* "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" ???? MY GOSH. Can I say MORBID?

* I miss the anticipation of snow days when I was in school; however, I lived in Western New York in those days, and we had double the snow as we do in Michigan and had WAAAAY less snow days then they get here. But I was thinking, if we decide to home school our kids, I will definitely let them have snow days if the school district we live in has one. I mean, that would be one lame part of homeschooling; not having snow days. But we will.

* I know people hate snow. But seriously, it is one of the most beautiful things ever.

* Driving safe in the snow takes on a whole new level with a baby.

* Christmas time is awesome. I love hot chocolate.

That's all for now. Happy decorating.

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