Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lessons From A Life Coach

In California, I met a couple who both are successful Life Coaches, and a lot of other things. They write books and have radio shows, and are very very successful. They are so passionate about moving forward. Counseling is great and has a wonderful purpose in healing, but they said there is just a point in life, where you move on from the past and move forward. My sister went over a few things she learned from them and one always stood out to me.

Small goals. Small goals. When we are focused on one big huge monster of a goal, when we fail at it, you jump back to the start. But if you are constantly making and reaching small goals and you mess up in there, more than often, you just go back a little. For example. Health. I could say, " i want to be healthy, so let me write a list of everything I need to do to be healthy." so I decide, to be healthy, i will eat this this and that and dont eat that or this. And i will drink 8 glasses of water, exercise 5 times a week, make sure my food is organic, make sure i dont eat past 7. on and on. well when one thing on that list fails, it all fails, if you are trying to accomplish the list. so instead, i say, for the next month I want to drink 8 glasses of water a day. make a habit of it, and then move onto the next goal of exercising 3 times a week. and on and on.

I am a dreamer. BIG TIME. i think of a lot of things that i want to do in life. But it stops there. I get stuck. I spend so much time thinking of the final product that I don't even get past the thought. So for a while I know that it has been time to set myself small goals. i can tend to come up with big ellaborate lists of life goals and things i want to accomplish, but i know for me, as I pray, I must start with one small thing at a time. I think every week i will set myself one goal. I have to keep it simple for myself or I get caught up in the "list." Each goal i will set a reasonable time frame and move forward. And hopefully any of my family and friends reading this can hold me accountable.

This is never about me becoming more successful for "me", I pray that all things I do in life bring Glory to God and have purpose in his Kingdom and can be used to bless others.

MY FIRST GOAL: This will be done by Monday morning. I went to be a Physical Therapist Assistant and worked as such for two years. I want to stay home with Matthew but work a few hours here and there on the weekend. I love it, I love taking care of people, and it just is good to keep my skills up. Well, to do that, I need to get some simple paper work in the mail and to the right people to get my license official in the State of Michigan. I have taken MONTHS to get this done and all I need to do now is send it and answer a few questions on a mini open book test. SO EASY. So that is my first goal. Get that in the mail and stop thinking about my next goal till that is done. whew.

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