Sunday, October 23, 2011

PTA and Home Church

So I went to school to be a Physical Therapist Assistant and I did it for a few years before Matthew. I love it so much. I am working on getting my license stuff finished up so I can work a day a week or so, and it is so close to being done. I know it is not worth chucking out money we don't have for another car, but it is times like these when I need to go out and get my fingerprints done during Mike's work hours that it really would be nice. Still not worth it for these rare moments. BUT. Mike has the day off tomorrow so I am hoping they do appointments the day I call. That would be nice. Also, Matthew and I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. I cannot wait to find out how much he is growing. He has a bit of a belly now. =)

And we are pretty set on a home church now! YIPPEE! Mike whispered it to me during church that this was it. We had been there multiple times before the race and before we moved to Ohio and now. And it just so happens that my sister and her husband go there too. We have always loved it before we all started going there. I am excited to get plugged in. I already go to one of the bible studies which freaking rocks my world and have already made some friends from there. Pretty happy about all of it! It is a "mega church" or whatever people will call it, and those big expensive seeming churches, i used to judge, but that is so silly now, and it is a place that is full of the spirit and truth and diversity and compassion and humility. It is not perfect, no church is, but it is our home now. YAY!

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  1. which church is it? we really like the people in our church, but sometimes the sermon, not so much...