Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Health Steps and a Hat

First off. I am having a bit of trouble. I started to crochet this new style of hat that is so cute, but I only get small chances to work on it. And I am so obsessed with this hat that I have to remind myself there are plenty of things I have to get done while Matthew is sleeping. I have a mound of clean laundry to fold and a mound of dirty laundry to wash and I just cannot get away from finishing this hat. I am just so desperate to wear it. ok. anyways.......

Michael and I beginning to take steps to become a healthier home. Just one step at a time. My little sister told me that in life it is better to try and reach small goals at a time than jump to one big one because if we go back a bit, we only go back a little. So instead of being " I am going to drink tons of water, exercise 5 days a week, only eat these foods, do jumping jacks in the morning, etc.", You just take one at a time, form a habit, and move on. Well I am not just talking about food and exercise over here, but here have been our first small goals that we are close to reaching.

1. Cloth diapers: We are getting half of the total cloth diapers that I would want in my stash on Wednesday. Woohoo. Not only is this so much better for the environment, but, it will save so much money, and the best part, they are super cute and cozy.

2. Chemical Free Cleaning: We are on our way to using no chemicals for cleaning in our house. Dish soap I will keep, but our laundry detergent has no harmful fillers, and pledge, windex, etc, is all out out out. We are using norwex to clean our home, and let me tell you, my family uses it, and it will DRASTICALLY change the way your home feels. Read about it, get it. I cannot stress it enough.

3. Organic Chicken: We are buying red meat on such rare occasions now, but we are investing in organic chicken now. Don't know if you have seen "Food Inc." the documentary, but you should get yourself informed. I know it is more expensive and looks smaller, but the bigger pieces of chicken are just puffed up with hormones, so it is really not any extra nutrition at all. 

4. Vaccines: HOT topic. But we have have pretty much made or decision. Feels good. It is one that I want to feel confidant in for Matthew. Whether you are to vaccinate your child or not, I feel the number one thing is to get yourself informed on BOTH sides of the topic. Also, please inform yourself on the vaccines that Japan has banned due to deaths. We are holding off on our decision on those till the research is finished.

5. Organic for Matthew- We cannot afford to make one big jump to buying all organic food for us, BUT Matthew gets the chance to eat the super yummy stuff. We try our best to let him consume the healthy organic solids and milk from me. YUM!

Now this is in NO WAY judging any other household or parenting decision at all. We all survived off of using orajel (they do not recommend anymore), and antibiotics for anything, and disposable diapers. but we just are trying our best to be informed and once we know something, act on it. 

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