Friday, October 21, 2011


so i have not had facebook for 3 months and i have not missed it AT ALL. I just signed on to get some pictures off of it and and spent 15 minutes cruising around on it. omygosh. those 15 minutes i now use for a ton of productiveness. you know how much i get done and how many phone conversations i have now that i dont have facebook? it is incredible. INCREDIBLE. i have not had internet for a week so that is why i have not updated much. it is kinda nice not having the internet. but now i have to go and make up for lost time i spent on facebook. i will admit i am addicted to pintrest; however, that inspires me to go do cool things. adios. time to clean and shower and get ready for bed. i love going to bed now, knowing i wont have to wake up a few hours later. matthew sleeps 12 hours straight now. all the way through. thank you Jesus. thank you Jesus.

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