Monday, October 3, 2011

Jon's First Diaper Change

Emily: Jon, can you watch Matthew so Denise can go sit at starbucks?

Jon: Sure. But I am not going to change a diaper

Emily: (goes on some rant about how miserable Matthew will be with a full diaper and shows Jon how to change a diaper)

Jon: Ok. Will it be on youtube if I need to know how to do this?



Jon: Denise. Did I put the diaper on right?

Me: Its perfect.

Jon: Oh good. That was my first diaper I ever put on. I wasn't sure because Matthew was giving me a funny look when I was putting it on so I didn't know if it was right.

There are just too many moments that I wish I would have jotted down to remember.  My sister and her husband are hilarious people and it is just too fun to be living in their little one bedroom apartment with them for the week. Also Jon changed his very first diaper ever in his life today. We were so proud of him. He also stayed home after Matthew went to bed so that Emily and I could go play tennis and when Matthew woke up he even fed him a bottle and put him back to sleep.  He still wants to wait 8 years to have children. But we are proud for sure. =) We also went grocery shopping for Jon with the list he wrote out for us.

burgers stuff?
stuff I will eat

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