Saturday, October 1, 2011


Oasis Church speaker in L.A.: "The world should not enjoy their sin more than a christian enjoys their salvation."

EMILY: Ooo. I like that.

ME: Yeah. That is good. Let us enjoy our salvation right now.


ME: YAAAAY! Grapes and bruschetta!!!

EMILY: Uh. I don't like bruschetta.

ME: Well you can have what YOU want in heaven then.

EMILY: Right...Well, I know everyone complains about it, but I won't mind singing non stop.

hahaha. Oh and let's say. This guy is just preaching truuuuth right now.

"We don't need anymore creepy Christians, we don't need any condemning Christians. we need Christians who have had an authentic experience with Jesus Christ and they are burning inside and bringing light into this world"

"The only difference between addicts and Christians, is that addicts haven't forgotten their first love. Addicts pursuit is always to go back to their first high, their first love. We do all the Christian "stuff" but forget to go back to Jesus, our first love."

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