Friday, October 21, 2011

One Majorly Long Update

This is a long one. So I will just go by topic. So you can read maybe only what you are interested in reading.

Traveling with Matthew:  Matthew and I had two 14 hour airport and flying travel days and they were SO MUCH FUN! Seriously. I loved every second of it. He loved the airport, the people, the plane. All of it. People all around me were wonderful. I sat next to and around great people. One lady bought me dinner on the plane and others played with Matthew and I passed him around as his charming self would become the center of attention on the plane. I got so much encouragement and Matthew and I bonded like crazy. He hardly cried at all, just made spit bubbles in peoples faces. I love that kid so much.

 California : I really need to get some picture updates, but spending time with my sister was awesome. I was able to see two friends from the World Race. Oh, God Bless them for taking the time. Matthew lounged and slept on a towel at the beach. Rough life. He played with kids because my sister babysits and so we just tagged along. He got to go to the recording studio where Jon was recording. We went to the huge art museum and a beautiful farmers market and shopping center. My sister and I got to go out and be active and play some tennis. It was pretty sweet having friends that JUST moved to L.A. that watched Matthew so my sister and I could go out a bit and drink got drinks and write our bucket lists and talk about our passions. We were blessed in a beautiful home hosted by beautiful people in Orange County. Matthew had so many firsts. It was awesome. I miss my sister, but was so blessed to be there for 10 days.

Matthew Update: The boy is growing like craaazy. He has two teeth now, gives kisses and hugs. Cuddles likes crazy, still eats like crazy, melts my heart every second of the day. oh and sleeps 12 hours a night without waking up for anything. getting him off the night feedings took 3 days and went gently and peacefully. so easy. he was just ready i guess. he has so many new friends and since we have been home we have made sure to have plans almost every day just to keep him challenged and entertained. toys just dont cut it for this kid, he just wants people and things to look at and observe. he loves his mama like woah and loves to cuddle in the morning when mike is still in bed and just melts into mikes warm skin under the covers while smiling away. it is so sweet.

Mike: What would I do without him? he just turned 26 and is rocking this husband and dad thing. Mike and I have been able to reconnect lately and it is so awesome. I guess not having a huge change about to happen for once in our lives has given us a chance to breath and have space to grow our relationship to where it will need to be for now and what is to come. it is awesome. he did great in school and just had week off of studying and starts his next classes on monday. i love that man. and i love that he is a cleaner. seriously. love it. i clean like a maniac but this man just sees what needs to be done and is on it. he is my favorite.

me: Well there is a bunch going on with me. I may have never mentioned this before and i always debated saying it, but i am pretty sure, along with my parents, husband, and sisters (they all let me know) that i probably was struggling with some post par-tum depression. or post traumatic stress disorder? haha. i dont know. but after that sick pregnancy, traumatic labor, and multiple moves, it just made sense that my hormones had no idea what to do after all was said and done. it was insane there for a while and i had all the symptoms to dome degree. BUT. NOW. after seeing a beautiful mentor who took care of my heart, and having time to spend with the Lord and having my family be very honest and supportive, it is done and gone. I am enjoying motherhood so much that it hurts sometimes. i cannot imagine anything different. at all. and i felt this way before matthew was sleeping through the night. ;) i finally feel like the mother that I. I. I was made to be. Not how any other person believes it should be, but what God speaks into my heart everyday in how to mother Matthew. He is POURING, i mean POURING out revelation onto me when it comes to parenting and what he desires for our family now and in the future. I am re-thinking our purpose of what belongs in our home and what does not. I spend my days rejoicing for the freedom he has given me. i just dance with Matthew while I sing loudly to Jesus as matthew rests his head on my shoulder and touches my face, letting me know he agrees. I cannot help but speak boldly and confidently to Matthew (as if he understands) who he is in Christs. That he is a son of the Most High. That he is royalty, that he is given the gift of righteousness, that he has been given the gift to forgive and be forgiven. God has lavished grace upon our home and there is so much to be thankful for and to praise God for. I could go on and on. I am so thankful for what he is doing and how much he loves us.

Anniversary: Yeah 3 YEARS. BEST day. it was so much fun. in so many ways. mike took the day off and we just had a blast. i love him. 3 years with him. crazy. it is just better all the time.

My God Be Praised for letting us live life to the full. And yes, he has blessed us in the material, but I mean, my heart is full. Full of love, peace, and confidence that his blood shed has filled our home with victory. ooooo. AMEN!

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  1. i dont know really how i just found this, but i did and it was soo good! i am not great at keeping in touch, i feel like i am fighting a losing battle everyday with emails and phone calls...but know that i really do think about your family pretty often. i love you guys, and am still so thankful for the choice yall made to do the race and lead our squad. love, hollis