Saturday, March 26, 2011


I love how every couple is so different. You look at some of those couples and are just like, YES, they are so perfect for each other, two of a kind. Those couples that are so much alike, love doing the same things, interested in the same things, can paint together or go skiing together. Well that is NOT Michael and I. At least from the start. I look at us prior to being married and even in the beginning and it is actually funny how this all worked out JUST RIGHT. Let me give a few examples.

This is US!

HIM: Prefers the suburbs
HER: Prefers the downtown of a city or a field of wild flowers =)

HIM: Would prefer a steak house or a sports bar for a burger in fries
HER: Would prefer an ethnic restaurant where you sit on the floor and eat with your hands

HIM: Watching UFC or going to a pool hall would be a good night out
HER: A hole in the wall packed salsa club would be a good night out (NOT him)

HIM: Enjoys some good college football for entertainment on a Saturday afternoon.
HER: Enjoys some live local acoustic music at a cafe on a Saturday afternoon.

HIM: Chocolate Frappucino from Starbucks
HER: Fresh organic fruit smoothie from a one of a kind coffee house

HIM: hoodie, jeans, baseball hat, and sneakers. Thats all you need.
HER: skirt, tank, knitted hat, and bare feet. Thats all you need.

HIM: Beer
HER: Mango juice and malibu

HIM: A burger and fries
HER: avocado, tomato, cucumber salad.

HIM: Football and MMA
HER: Soccer and Running

HIM: BLAST the music in the car
HER: turn it down

HIM: Ribbed potato chips
HER: The not ribbed potato chips

HIM: Relaxing would be watching a good T.V. show and a coke
HER: Relaxing would be going outside on the grass with a blanket and lemonade

HIM: Buys books full of the history, dates, names, and places of an historical event
HER: Buys books about a personal story and the feelings of one person or one family who lived through that event

HIM: Shooting Action movies or "Anchorman"
HER: NOT shooting action movies and NOT "Anchorman" humor

HIM: walk on the sidewalk
HER: walk on the grass

HIM: makes a decision on facts, numbers, lines, and a very good reason
HER: makes a decision on a, "I just have a feeling"

HIM: A clean house means everything is scrubbed, vacuumed, and dusted
HER: A clean house means everything is picked up and put away

HIM: Loves using electronics and updating electronics
HER: would prefer to mix cookie dough with her hands and use a flip phone

HIM: night person (before marriage) morning person (after getting married)
HER: morning person (before marriage) night person (after getting married)

HIM: likes 70 degree weather or air conditioning with a coke
HER: likes a long long run in 90 degree weather

I just realized that I could keep going on and on with our differences. But I LOVE IT. I love how we are so interested in so many different things. I realized today that it is working so well. Earlier today, Mike went with me to the most "organic" cafe we have been to yet with live music and right now I am watching TV with him right now. And I realized. He enjoyed the cafe with me so much and I really love cuddling up to him and laughing with him at a TV show when he laughs. Ive learned that what is important to show love in marriage is to show care for what the other cares about. Mike is way more quick to be interested in a soccer game I like, picnic, an ethnic restaurant, and he will take his history type book to a coffee shop. Today I thanked him for coming out to the cafe with me, and he told me that he would do anything to just be hanging out with me. When he sees a knitted hat or a skirt in a store, he points it out to me. 
Earlier in marriage I refused to watch TV with him and I told him it was a waste of time. Now, I actually enjoy being next to him on the couch when he is so relaxed. It makes me more relaxed. And we actually found a few TV shows we both enjoy. And I enjoy listening to him after a UFC fight night telling me every thing that happened in each fight. I LOVE when he tells it all to me.

Of course we have learned we cannot ask each other to be part of all our likes. No way would it be fair for me to ask mike to go on an "enjoyable" 6 mile run when its 95 outside and I will never make it through one of his books full of dates. And when it comes to deciding to live in the suburbs or an apartment on main street in the city, we just leave that one up to Gods direction.

So I love our differences. It really has blended us and works so well together. I am thankful it has made us closer because I think we decided to let each other enjoy what we each enjoy and enjoy those things along with each other.

Yeah, we arent always perfect at this marriage thing, but Id have to say, we are just right for each other.

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