Thursday, March 10, 2011

protesting military funerals or feeding people!

Right now, something HUGE is happening in Detroit. Something that will be a privilege to live through if you live there. Right now Detroit is desperate. The past years Detroit has reached a place of hopelessness and brokenness. But something amazing is happening. I know a pastor who has been part of huge revivals in other cities and said that in Detroit he has never seen such a huge revival done by God in his whole life. Within this week around 10,000 people from about 500 churches of all denominations are uniting in prayer for the city. Then on Easter day the city will see what prayer has done to unite the churches in the city to take action. It will start with prayer walks in the city in mass amounts. The churches will be setting up free medical and dental clinics for those who cannot afford health care. They will be making meals for people in the masses, spreading the love of Jesus and caring for peoples physical needs as well. This is huge, and I cannot wait to see it happen. I don't live in the city right now but I am pretty darn close to it. It is a beautiful thing to see the church do what God wants it to do. First depend on prayer, so that any action being taken is not of mans will but Gods will (cuz man can only do so much on his own), and then, take action, depending on prayer.

I am so sick of hearing about the stupid things in the church like Christians protesting military funerals or burning Korans. Seriously. If we are gonna make a statement, lets love people. That's what scripture tells us to do. And thank God, the churches in Detroit have decided not to argue with each other about little denominational differences, but used their time better to pray together, become One church, and help a city that so desperately needs the Lord. Its time that people start to see Jesus in the church they way he was meant to be seen. And that is Love for people. YAY for Detroit. Be ready!

The churches have put together a website that makes it easy for people to join what is happening. It has videos of what is going on, the vision, events, etc. Take a look at it. Its awesome.

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