Wednesday, March 16, 2011

funny argument

my husband and i get along really well for the most part. of course we disagree, which is good cause that would be very unhealthy if we didn't have confrontation in our marriage. and we have also had big fights, but being in our third year of marriage, our communication has improved dramatically. its really awesome how much better it is. he is much more patient and calm then he used to be and I don't hold things in as much.

anyways, we had an argument today. which i am looking back on two hours ago and it is absolutely hilarious we argued about this. we were on a walk and at a red light in a small town. The crosswalk sign had the little red hand up. so of course, my safety husband did not want to cross the street. but i noticed there were absolutely no cars coming, so i tried to cross. and he told me i couldn't until the little walk signal came on. i got so upset and frustrated, and somehow it turned into this big argument because i wanted to cross right away. i actually cried. hahahaha. i actually cant believe this happened when i think back to it. but its REALLY funny now and we are both very over it.

its a beautiful day for a walk today!

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