Friday, March 11, 2011


sometimes i want to have the cutest little house or apartment and just decorate all the time and go to coffee shops all the time and bake really yummy food. but sometimes i just want to be in the poorest place and eat rice and beans and hold hurting people. but then most of the time i realize that having the perfect little cute house and life really wont make me happy. i may have it one day, but i cant depend on it to make me feel warm inside all the time.

sometimes i want to live right in the heart of a city where i can walk right out of my apartment and there is people everywhere and i can walk or take the subway to get to any place i need to. but then sometimes i just want to live where i can be barefoot all the time and have a really big garden......ahhhhhh.... this is my mind. its gets exhausting sometimes.

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