Friday, March 4, 2011

A Mix of Stuff

Everything seems to be moving foward. Mike got offered a few other jobs, but decided to go with a serving job at a steakhouse because it will be the most flexible with school and he will only be working some evenings there and then hes gonna stay at the gym which has been a great flexible job so far. In the next few days he will be signing up for classes which is so exciting. Since we have been married we always have known he wanted to go back to school but he was very wise and waited till he knew what he was meant to do. It is going to possibly be a long road of school for his final goal, but we have started with the first step and Ive never seen him more motivated and patient. We are so thankful for the race because in a few ways it really helped him realize what he wanted to do instead of going for something just because it would be a good job. Hes so happy and I know he is going to make a difference. =) =)

We are almost 38 weeks pregnant now! I cannot believe it. My dang morning sickness has started again and its hard to keep stuff down, but with 2 weeks left I shouldnt be complaining too much. We are so blessed to have a tax return this year. We are going to give in and use a little of the money to go away for a few nights just the two of us. It is MUCH needed and will be so nice to do before the baby comes. The hotel we are staying at looks amazing, and we are praying hard that somehow they will see my huge belly and upgrade us to the rooms that have a private heated pool in them. What a dream that would be for this pregnant lady, but too expensive. Who knows, anything can happen.

I am so thankful for this past month. We have been stretched again in our faith, because when things seemed impossible we had to keep believing that God would provide again, and he has, in so many ways. All of this has really made Mike and I so close. SO close. We have a whole knew level of friendship. I feel like instead of letting all the stress and unexpected change get between us we totally just lean on each other. I have so much more respect for him watching how he deals with hard and stressful times. He goes about it in so much integrity and patience. He has been taking such good care of me and every day he holds me so close and lets me know how much he loves me and how pretty I am. I feel so loved and am thankful that our baby is coming when our relationship is at its best.

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