Monday, November 12, 2012

What They Said

A few of my favorite things they said lately.

ME: I wonder if our Matthew will have kids one day.
MIKE: Oh. He will.
ME: Well, he doesn't have to. Only if he wants to.
MIKE: No. My sons will Father a Nation!
     --He makes me laugh.

Zechariah: (3.5 yrs old) - Mom. Does Jesus love spiderman?
Nicole: I think you should ask him.
Zechariah: Jesus, do you love spiderman?...............(disappointed tone) MOM. He said NO.
    -- He makes me laugh too.

( I am paraphrasing this next one from a story my sister just told me)

Zechariah: Mom. I want milk.
Nicole: Only when you say "please"
Zechariah: (refuses to say please. So Nicole asks if she can pray for him so he can have the strength to say please and he nods yes. So Nicole prays for him a few times and he still cant say please)
Nicole: You know Zechariah. Satan is tricking you right now. Satan doesn't want you to have good things in life, like milk. So he is tricking you into disobeying Mom and God by not saying the right thing so you can't have the good milk. But Jesus gives you the power to not let Satan trick you anymore.
Zechariah: (makes hands like spider man) ssshhhppewww (what he says when he is going to spiderman web you). Satan, you are trapped in the name of Jesus............Mom, can I have milk please.

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  1. that is awesome!! love that you mamas are instilling a love and trust of Jesus in your babies