Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This Season

I was reminded about a few things that come with this winter and Christmas season.

THE FLU: "My dad said he will play with me when he has more egnery (translated: energy)" - Zechariah.

CHOCOLATE: I took Matthew and Zechariah to Tim Hortons yesterday. It was so much fun.
                 ME: " Zechariah. Do you want a grilled cheese sandwich?"
                  Z: " Well no aunt Denise. I don't like cheese anymore"
                 ME: " YOU DONT LIKE CHEESE! Why?
                  Z: "Because I like chocolate now"

PEOPLE: Isn't this season supposed to be about the posture of our hearts toward others? A conversation with my sister and her husband reminded me of that.

                NICOLE: Denise. I saw this woman at the store being walked out in handcuffs.
                DENISE: Oh, shucks.
                NICOLE: It made me so sad. I just wanted to go and give her a hug. I'm sure she did something to deserve every bit of her punishment. But I just wanted to hug her and tell her it is going to be OK that that she can be forgiven. I don't know, it just struck me that there is something so........
                ERIC: .....human about it?
                NICOLE: Yeah, she is an actual person. She made a mistake but she is a human life.

PIE: I asked Matthew the other day what he wanted for breakfast. He responded, "pie". Thank you Thanksgiving! So cute though.

                 MIKE: Oh, it bugs me so much now when all the house cleaning isn't done at night.
                 DENISE: Since when? You never let it bother you.
                 MIKE: Since you are 6 weeks from having a baby and I don't want you to                     think you have to do it all. 
(Yes. I'll keep him)

Happy Christmas Season! Hope the flu passes you by and you enjoy people and chocolate and PIE!

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  1. you guys are the sweetest family ever. love all the tender hearts God has given your entire family!