Monday, November 19, 2012

A Little Gift and Rambles.

Little Matthew has easily aloud us to almost cut out TV watching for him.  When he used to outplay his toys he would walk around bored and ask for TV. In the last month I have been not letting him unless its dinner prep time and he doesn't get upset about it anymore. He actually doesn't ask for it much anymore till later in the day. But I am loving that ever since we stopped lots of last resort TV watching, he has been so much more creative in his play. So once he gets bored, he mopes around a bit, but soon enough I look over and he is reading, or counting, or stacking pillows on top of each other to tackle, or doing sprints back and forth on the couch. He even got bored with his little golf clubs that he handed one of his to me and just started playing swords with it. So naturally, like he new the game already. Sometimes I guess you have to leave room for boredom for their imagination to go wild........But tomorrow morning, Matthew will be so excited because well my house is a beautiful disaster. Meaning, lots has been going on and we took a wonderful trip to see some racers this weekend that was fabulous. And one of our friends gave Matthew 3 new veggie tale DVD's. He has not really seen one of them before, and I think while I try to make my house look somewhat acceptable, he gets to meet Junior Asparagus on TV and not just from the books. I think he is going to love it. And honestly, its one of few kids shows that doesn't annoy me. I mean, have you seen how hyper some of those shows are? O gosh.
              Anyways, it has been a beautiful weekend with wonderful friends and this week will only get better. A day trip to Lansing to see Matthew's Great Grandparents, and then we get to celebrate two thanksgivings throughout the week. And my dad will be staying with us for the weekend too, while my mom is in Kenya for 19 days.  Oh, here come the rambles. Speaking of my mom, I realized now why maybe my sister's and I don't really worry that much in life. Not only my trust in God, but my parents don't worry much of what I know. For example, my mom is going to Kenya and I have hardly heard her talk at all about malaria, poisonous snakes, contaminated water, you know, what most people think of when going overseas. No, all Ive heard is, "do you think I should wear newer jeans or older ones?",  or "I found the perfect shoes to wear", or, " I asked everyone to pray that I would survive the time change", or "it will be so good to get a haircut before I go." hahahaha. i love her.

and off to bed i go. have a great thanksgiving everyone.

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