Friday, November 23, 2012

In Case of An Emergency

A few years back I remember calling my dad. He answered whispering into the phone. When I asked him where he was, he said he was in church. I told him not to do that and to call me later, but he said he wanted to make sure I was OK. A few months back he answered my phone call while he was trying to prevent a fight from breaking out at a rehab type shelter he works at. And today, after calling him and hearing a windy, choppy, and slightly breathless conversation from my dads end, I finally ask him what the heck he is doing when he tells me he is running on the trails. You know, for a man who cares very little about electronics and would rather read a book, write, and run through the woods, he sure does make for the best contact in case of an immediate emergency.
Oh I Love Him.

Speaking of the homeless. Doesn't this cold weather just make your heart ache for the people who sleep out in this? I remember going to a ministry for the homeless in Detroit and they said that it is sad that so many people just tell the homeless to just go get a job, when often they find that these people have internal head injuries that make it difficult for them to keep a job and they just don't have family and friend back up support. It's sad how it is really not all their choice all the time and they just have to sleep out in this. I just don't know anybody who would choose to sleep outside in the Michigan winter days. I wonder some ways we can help them out in this cold season for those who aren't inside with Christmas Trees and Hot Chocolate.

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