Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This Season

Yay for Fall. It is the season for hot drinks and food. Lots of yummy desserts and crock-pot meals. mmm. im pregnant. its a good time for long naps and hot showers. and a time for knitting. but i decided i have three months as a mom to one. as i am absolutely determined to get in every ounce of time with my little guy and to pour in lots of of love to him before he has to share me, i absolutely know God is using this season in my life to grow me lots. So as it is a great season to sit with tea and read. im soaking up as much reading as i can from wise people with the time i have. since little mr. over here sleeps sometimes over 12 hours at night and still naps, i have no excuse but to stretch myself a bit and learn learn learn. here are my current reads and i am totally eating them up right now. so good.

"Lioness Arising" is incredible so far and we are studying it at Women's Bible study at church. One of the challenges is to stretch ourselves as we are made to be virtuous and capable daughters of God. So I'm really taking it seriously and my friend gave me the financial book to borrow today and Mike and I are both loving what I am getting out of it so far.

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  1. sound like good books! glad you're doing so well - 3 months! wow- time flies!