Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DaDa and Kicks

Mike was putting the side of his face on my stomach to feel little boy in there. We find this the most effective way for him to feel little kicks. While Matthew would immediatily start up all his best moves the second mike would touch my stomach, this little guy in my belly now, stops every bit of action the second he feels Mike there. It is kinda hilarious.

MIKE: Son, if you think I am fun, kick once. If you don't think I'm fun, kick twice.
LITTLE BOY: (nothing whatsoever)

It is just a tad sad to Mike, I must stay; however, since Matthew thinks Mike is the center of the universe right now, I don't feel too bad little baby boy is saving his play time for me. =) =) hehehe. I love my guys.

Oh, and when I mean that Matthew thinks Mike is the center of the universe, I mean it. For example, this morning. I go in Matthew's room to get him out of his crib when like usual, he immediately says, "DADA". I told him that dada is at work. So he starts to choke up and say "DaDa" again, very broken up, like he can hardly get it out it hurts too bad to say it. He then runs to our bed looking for mike. Saying "dada" and sobbing with his face in the bed where Mike sleeps. With him sobbing, I bring him right to his high chair for breakfast and he starts yelling at me very mad saying, "dada" and totally refused his breakfast. Gosh, it breaks my heart for him!! I'm still not quite sure what to do about it when Mike is gone, but it makes me happy that he is falling so much in love with his sweet Dad!

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