Friday, September 28, 2012


Not to brag, but I am. My in-laws just drove their motorcycle from MI to Myrtle beach and back, my mom is going to Kenya, my littlest sister is going to India, my sister in-law is pregnant, my oldest sister just started a furniture business out of her house with three little kids running around, my dad is doing a funeral for a guy that was shown an amazing vision from God before he died when he didn't believe in God quite yet, and this coming up week my brother in law is going to be on Ellen, Leno, Live with Kelly, and Good Morning America. And a few other things i can't say just yet. I'm just saying. It's kinda fun to be family with these people. Oh, and I am growing a human in my body.

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  1. why is he going on Ellen? what day so I can watch it!