Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Super Duper Thankful Post

I think it might be the weather. But I am feeling extremely thankful today.

* The weather. It feels like fall today! Hoodies are so cute on kids.
* Im thankful that my husband and his friends finally got my piano out of storage. Our house looks perfect with a piano in it.
* Every Tuesday our Sears outlet lets you get a free piece of clothing. No fine print. Walk in, have your free Sears card, walk out with a cute something. WONDERFUL. I got two great sweaters so far for the cool weather that should work during the pregnancy.
* My job is amazing. I love what I do. I love my co-workers and Supervisor. I love my patients. I love my flexible hours. I just love it all.
* I love that Matthew is on a new kick where he wants nothing to do with playing by himself. He wants me every second to be with him. If I try to change my clothes, I have the cutest little nugget suctioned to my leg. I love how much he wants me to be with him. So.......... that makes me love that he will sit and watch Pooh, happy, for 30 min while I use the bathroom, change my clothes, pack a bag to go somewhere fun, eat my breakfast, and maybe do a load of laundry. I never thought I'd say this, but TV has been magical for that short amount of time. 
* I love that a 92 year old man told me today that I was really beautiful.
* I love that Matthew says, "your preety". we think that is what he is saying.
* I'm thankful for our cozy home and that I get to meet our newest son in 4 months. And that means we still have 4 months to get ready.
* Im thankful for technology. That we could find out we are having a boy before he is born. My craft and nesting bone is super satisfied. 
* Im thankful for my friends and for a husband that likes hanging out with me.
* Im thankful that I have had three friends already give me maternity clothes to borrow.
* Im thankful that I get to wear scrubs to work.
* Im thankful that I get to be part of anti human-trafficking awareness recently.
* Im thankful that it is donut and cider season.
* Im thankful that my husband and I finally came up with a meal planning plan that we hope works!
* Im thankful that I have sisters that call me all the time even when they have nothing really to talk about. We just want to hear each other's voice.


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