Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Mike and I have been doing everything we can to get ready for this new baby. We are getting our house in order, installing a dishwasher soon, getting our basement finished, nursery set up, better cloth diaper system, meal planning system, clutter gone, etc. But today I thought to myself how good and all that will be ;however, I have an infant coming. A newborn. I can do everything I can think of to do, but it does not mean I won't nave a newborn and a 21 month old toddler. The biggest preparation I can do is mentally prepare to not have it all together as I hope. And Mike and I committed to treat the first 6 weeks as a mini kid vacation. Meaning a vacation to focus on the transition of being parents of two. I will nurse my baby and cuddle my kids and sleep whenever I get a chance and not worry about anything else at all. OH, and not say no to any offer of help or get all upset if I feel like I don't have it figure out yet. Cuz I won't.  It most likely will be one of the most lovely and exhausting times in our lives. But we are are going to prepare for it to be as such. I will tell myself that this baby will only be up all night for such a short amount of time, and to just enjoy the tiniest toes as of now. It will be wonderful, in just a short 3.5 months.

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  1. Mine were about the same age when I had my second. I was completely terrified! But you will be shocked at how quickly things naturally fall into place. Now they're about to be 2 and 4...time for another one lol