Monday, September 24, 2012

A Few Reasons

Just a few reasons why I love my husband.

Last night we kinda argued a bit. or a lot. about how I am always wanting the house to be super clean, and how he sometimes just wants to relax before it all has to get done. he does help a lot. he really does. but i can be a bit go go go go. and i said i liked the house clean before we relaxed. i told him yesterday that I would work on not being so task oriented. but today when he can home from work he started cleaning the kitchen and said, "you know. I decided today. if it matters to you that the house is clean before we relax, it should matter to me that the house is clean before we relax". so now as i relax with a messy house, he is doing the dishes. and his new thing is to do the dishes with his head phones on while listening to the monday night football pregame show from his laptop. whatever makes dishes more enjoyable for him. oh i love him.

another reason i love my husband. well, this was said by him. "you know you are a dad when you contemplate making your facebook status saying, 'does anyone have an adult size Tigger costume I can borrow for Halloween?' "
hahaha. i love him. yes. he'd do that for matthew.

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