Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not OK

I am not one to throw out my political opinions on the internet. Much of the time, there is really not a point. With typing, it only causes people to argue unproductively. There are many things I disagree with but lots of things are very personal to lots of people, and certain issues, we must be very sensitive how we use our words.

But in New York, ugh, I am sure everyone has heard about this. I don't have any social media where I would see everyone posting about this. But a New York court just legalized online viewing of child pornography. I CANNOT see both sides of this issue. NO way. This is disgusting. This will only feed into the industry and put more minors at risk. If the demand is high, there is just more risk to the vulnerable. Someone I know just met a one year old whose parents had video taped some horrible things done to her for profit. This is so not even OK. What are they thinking?

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