Thursday, May 17, 2012

Favorite Things and Thoughts

*Mike bought me Daisies for Mother's Day! My favorite Flower.

*Mike also bought me a shirt that he picked out all on his own. It is now my favorite shirt.

*We went to my favorite park full of lots of memories here in Michigan the other day. Too bad Stony Creek is 35 minutes away. It is just full of trails, nice beaches, open fields, playgrounds, and hills. I would live 5 minutes away from there and go everyday if I could.

*My new favorite kinda big goal. To start writing every detail I can remember from all the countries I have been to, before the World Race and from the World Race. I want to write the smells and sights and stories. All for our children to read one day. Maybe I will share blurbs of it here and there. I want to write it down while it is still mostly fresh in my mind.

*My husband gives me my favorite complements. "You are the best thing since sliced bread"

*My friend just had an all natural home birth. And she said she slept most of the labor and only felt 3 contractions the whole time till she had to push for 15 minutes for the baby to come out. THAT would be my favorite labor.

*My next favorite thing is that I finally introduced myself to our Pastors wife who is so wonderful. I was crying because of the message she gave and my favorite is that when I met her she recommended a good waterproof mascara. HAHA. So sweet.

* Lastly, we are doing a book in Women's Bible Study on pursuing our God given dreams on not just being complacent and living for something bigger than ourselves. Dreams that seem impossible to us. So I am a bit excited about how God is going to use me for some of my favorite things on my heart. Right now, I'm thinking the elderly, ill, and neglected, and waiting on my PTA license to get official. Taking forever, but being patient.

 Oh. And our other favorite thing is to be outside!

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