Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fewer Posts

I am slowing down on my public bogging just a bit. As Matthew is getting older I feel very strongly that I want to respect him as a person and not just throw everything about him on the internet. He has no say in it right now, so I'm just holding off. So I am making a completely closed and private blog just for Mike and I to write letters and updates to Matthew himself as he is growing up. Its our journal to him but the blogging setup makes it so easy to write and posts pictures and date it for us. Then we can also print it out in a hard cover book for him, by year. I will still post updates on here in our life, but it won't be as detailed ( I might make this blog private too). Plus, for some reason I am becoming a bit more private via internet. We really appreciate when friends can find out about Matthew or us because they care to email or call us to ask.
I may be kinda old school when it comes to relationships. ;)
I can't tell you enough how cool it is to find out friends are pregnant or getting married because I see them and they tell me in person; not by facebook. Or even by word of mouth. It's just cool that way. Anyways, enough of my rant.

Have a great week. Matthew and I are off to Ohio tomorrow for the rest of the week. So excited.



  1. i will miss reading your sweet posts but i totally understand.

    1. Oh chels, Ill still make sure I post. You are one of my favorite sweet reader friends. I love you girl, and your blog. Thanks for caring about us and loving us!

  2. I hope you keep posting too! I understand tho, sometimes I'll get a comment from strangers and it's usually nice, but kinda a wierd feeling. You'll just have to give me your number :)