Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just Go

I don't know what hit me yesterday but a big part of me just kinda started to produce all these feelings. Its the part of me that wants to put everything i need into one back pack again and drive and bike across america and sleep in tents and hike everywhere and meet as many people along the way that i can and hear their stories. I want to go to the most remote town and meet the old regulars at the local restaurants. I want to go on runs and catch my own fish to cook and write in my journal every night by a bonfire somewhere quiet where I can listen to God. Ever since my college years to now I have always had times in my life where I need to step back again and just get as simple as possible and put everything back into perspective. Without electronics and the day to day routine.  I never crave elaborate vacations. I just need nature, my running shoes, a fire, and a covering over my head, and some people to meet.
I don't want to run away from life responsibilities at all i just am trying to figure out how to satisfy this part of my spirit.
Gonna get creative on this with having a 14 month old. But I think we can modify it to be just as wonderful!!!!

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