Thursday, January 27, 2011


The past three years have been anything but mundane. They have been hard and marvelous. Looking back at some highlights it is crazy that I ever thought I could plan out my life. I was working at a hospital for five years. I then started to date Michael who proposed to me 9 days later, we planned a wedding in 2 months and then left10 months later to travel the world on a mission trip for one year. To do that we sold a car and quit our good paying jobs. We landed in 13 different countries, sleeping in over 50 different places with only our backpacks of possessions, came home, moved from MI to OH, found out we were pregnant right after we came home, and now we moved to the other side of OH to live with my parents. WHEW. needless to say, we are a tad tired and loving every bit of all the surprises. I'm pretty sure, with the pattern of our life so far, the surprises won't stop and so I'm blogging about it. It is nice to read back on things to see what has happened and to remind us of how the surprises and stretching times in our life build our character and lead us down this crazy path. My husband has a quote that he keeps on his desk that says "Your heart is revealed and your character is formed when life does not turn out the way you planned."

So maybe Georgia, Spain, Asia, Ohio, Michigan, and if we end up in Africa, I will laugh because my husband would prefer not to, his character would sure be formed through that change of plans. =) As we throw around ideas of where we may want to go, we are focused right now in Ohio to pay off some school loans, figuring out some school for Mike, and a baby in 8 weeks. There is already exciting things going on here in the Toledo area and I'm so excited to write it all down to remember sleeping in my parents ever so comfortable basement or maybe in a few years, back in hot Asia sleeping on the floor. We have no idea but it is all the beauty of life and we are trying to move forward by being "compelled by love." =) (Good book by the way) Love You All!

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  1. I must have read that wrong, proposed after 9 days!?! ;) I love how God has his own plans!