Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Type of Friends

I wish I could be friends with the four old men from the movie "Return To Me." That is the group of people I would want to hang with on a Friday night.

50 Amazing Things About My Dad (continued)

#48- Running: One of my ongoing memories with my dad is that we love to go running together. It has been years now since this tradition happens whenever we are together. He is an amazing athlete and most every time I say I'm going running he is always wanting to go with me. We have so many great discussions if we are feeling good during the run, or if we are not, we just complain about the food settling wrong, the muscle that feels like a brick, etc. I can't wait to run with him again after my pregnancy.

#47 - Math : My dad is the one in the family known for his incredible brain for numbers. Not one of us received that gift. It is insane. He can tell the probability of me rolling certain numbers in Yahtzee before I can even add half my score. I don't understand how he does it sometimes.

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