Friday, January 28, 2011


I am not one to brag or try to sound like I am the best person ever, but I can't help bragging about my family because THEY are the best people EVER. I LOVE to brag about my family because they are honestly the most amazing people I know.
Well my dad turns 50 on Monday. I think It is a good time to brag about him. It won't be in one blog but eventually throughout my blogs I want to have 50 memories or just things about my dad as I think of them, not in order of importance.

50 Amazing Things About my Dad. 
#50- Protector of Dreams: I was looking back and thinking about how a dad is a protector, but it doesn't always have to be security protection. My dad is also a protector of dreams. When Michael asked my dad if he could marry me, my dads big reason to say yes had nothing to do with how much money Michael makes or when he would buy me a house. Michael told me that my dad asked him if he would be willing to live overseas ever in his life? My dad said yes to Michael marrying me once he knew that my dream of helping people around the world wouldn't be taken away. So one year later after I married Michael and left to leave the country for a year with him, my dad said to me at the airport, "this isn't sad you are leaving, this is your dream."

#49- Mississippi: In 2006 my dad went with me to Mississippi for a week and we rebuilt homes after Hurricane Katrina hit. It was such an amazing thing to do together. Here is a picture of us in Mississippi.

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  1. bringing beautiful tears to an old man's eyes - Dad