Thursday, January 27, 2011

Creative Living

I went to cook dinner last night and found some kitchen art my dad created. It made dinner making much more enjoyable.
There is this game I LOVE called banana grams. It is a word game and all it comes with are scrabble like pieces. Michael and I are in complete money saving mode to pay off school loans. This game is $15. A penny saved is a penny earned they say. My parents offered to buy the game, as my family are the biggest game players I have ever met, but instead I decided we should just make it. So last night my dad cut out wooden squares and I have been spending some time sanding to soon write on the letters and add some finishing touches. An extra $15 towards our school loans and our own banana grams. YES! =) Plus, this game will forever hold some sentimental value. I will post the end product soon.

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