Saturday, October 27, 2012

Those Cold Mornings

Ive probably made it clear how much I love my guys; Michael and Matthew that is.
They rock my world.

And I really have no exciting things to blog about but I do have to say, those cold dark mornings where people have to get up to go to work- well being a stay at home mom is where it is at. Saturdays are when I have to get up before 630 so I can get to work on time. oh pitiful me huh? and today I had to wear a hoodie and a winter coat in the eerie and dark cold and became forever thankful to be home with matthew instead. Where I can make a hot breakfast and stay in my PJs while we cuddle and read books until we want to leave when the sun is out. That's going to be really nice this winter. So thankful for my husband who gets out the door close to 5am in the very uninviting weather that early in the morning. AND he never complains about it. I think I "ughed" my whole way out of bed this morning. HA!

Oh, and other random thought. We got Matthew a little play vacuum cleaner. Let's just say, he is VERY thorough.

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