Sunday, October 14, 2012

Feeling Blessed

I am feeling so blessed over here.

I mean...I just spent 2 wonderful days with Matthew at my parents while my husband deep cleaned our house. What a man. He also ordered me Jimmy Johns after my glucose test to get fooood in me, while giving me gift cards to Target and Bath and Body Works that he earned at work, and also, he surprised me with a prenatal massage for Wednesday. He set it up and everything. Also, Mike and I decided to start saving for a new bed since our mattress is a full size and forever old and squeaks like crazy, waking us up all night long. Well, just the other day Mikes parents gave us their only 3 year old king size bed that we slept on fantastic last night. They GAVE it to us. FREE. Oh wow. Sweet people. My desire to sprawl out at this point of my pregnancy is totally satisfied now. ahhhh.

Sometimes I just cannot believe what God has blessed us with. I don't ever want to take it for granted. And I always want to remember that I am not entitled to any of this. It is luxury and blessing all the comforts we are given and there are too many people out there that don't even have things like clean water, and I can only remember that the more I am given the more responsibility I have to give back. God is just too good and he wants us to take care of each other. So many people have taken care of us since we came home from the race that it just makes me want to do the same. Pay it Forward I guess!!!

Love Love

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