Monday, July 16, 2012

This Time Around

We have had a full fun few weeks, full of loved ones, and it is not over. But I just have a little time while Matthew is napping and so is our out of town guest.

So I lll just write a bit about pregnancy so far.
If you know anything about Matthew inside of me. It was HARD and I was sick the entire time. And all I wanted was Dr. Pepper and Arby's Fries.

So for now. Out of my first trimester, I feel great.

I'm now 15 weeks.

I want salad and fruit all the time, and avocado.

I have not been over the toilet once because I was sick. Even in the first trimester. All clear.

I feel good enough to exercise everyday. I have been rollerblading (with the running stroller), running (when its not a trillion degrees), and doing yoga.

So at this point I am -6 pounds. Because of the exercise and healthy food cravings. Its good weight to lose. At least that is what my midwife said, So I am just gonna go with the smaller thighs. =)

And I have been feeling the baby move for 2 weeks now. But as of a few days ago, I can lay down still and feel little tiny flips going on. Which is one of the happiest things in this entire world. And I know that, because I traveled the entire world. So I think that is what I am gonna go do now since Matthew is sleeping. Lay still, and spend some focused time with the lil nugget inside of me. =)

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  1. Denise! I'm so happy its smoother sailing this time around, and that you are able to eat and exercise (and hopefully sleep!). I'm happy for you.